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The Dead Sea, is actually a lake, and an incredibly salty one at that. Being about 34% saline it’s almost ten times saltier than even seawater. This is the place where you float effortlessly. The extreme saltiness makes your body float up once you wade in. Lie back, relax and enjoy the nutrient-rich soak at the planet’s lowest point.

What Clarins and Cliique offer for few $100s are the Dead Sea mud that you can slather on yourself, for free here. This is famed to have restorative properties. Well, let’s test it out, shall we?


Amman to Dead Sea

Arrive at Amman Airport, and drive to Dead Sea. After checkin and relaxing, explore the place at your leisure. Located in the Jordan Rift Valley, Dead Sea has sunny skies and dry air all year-round, Being at 422M below sea level its one of the world's saltiest bodies of water. So much so that it has no life form in it. Hence the un-innovative name - Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Again

Enjoy yet another day soaking up the nutrients available in Dead Sea. Remember the very many high end cosmetics companies that sell "Dead Sea Mineral" creams are priced more than the trip itself. Many of the beaches, both private and public, have pots of mud that you can help yourself to beside the sea.

Dead Sea Still

Enjoy yet another day at Dead Sea, today, do not forget to float in the Dead Sea at sunset. Its a magical experience that you will easily forget.

Cost Break up

Price Inclusions:
- Accommodation in 4* hotels. Price Exclusions:
- International flights
- Transport getting to Dead Sea
- Visa
- Lunches.
- Tips Portrages at hotels to restaurants’ staff.
- Personal expenses and any other services not mentioned above.
- English guide upon arrival/departure.

Birds eye view

3 Days
From USD 101
Day 1 : Amman to Dead Sea
Day 2 : Dead Sea Again
Day 3 : Dead Sea Still

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