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Beautiful sceneries, iridescent rice paddies, active smoking volcanoes, lush rain-forest, virgin beaches, beautiful people and traditions, and legends! Javanese island hopping and exploration of interior parts of Java will paint a beautiful picture of untouched beauty. Here we explore the Gilli Islands, Komodo Islands, and some secluded beaches. It’s a trip made to relax you and help you switch off from the rat race of the world.



Reach Lombok, meet and greet with our tour guide who will then take you to your hotel.
Rest of the day is free at your leisure.

Gili Island

We start our Javanese Seaside Expedition with Gili Islands - three small beautiful, tropical paradise islands: Gili Trawangan, Meno, and Air.
The locals have put a very strict rule on the disturbing of peace by using land motorized vehicle, so naturally we don’t use land motorized vehicles. And thanks to their rule, the area is very quiet, take your time to snorkel, dive and enjoy swimming on the ocean where it is no swell, just beautiful white sandy beach with hot ocean water.
This is like the paradise private islands that anyone can have access to, with the right people. The powdery white sand and turquoise water as well as low pollution adds value to visiting these atolls. All islands are surrounded by picture perfect beaches, shimmering clear waters teeming with marine life, offer spectacular view of majestic volcanoes in Bali and Lombok.
Each Gili island is only 2-3km across, small enough to walk all the way round in a couple of hours or to get around by bicycle or traditional horse cart, known as Cidomo. Air is closest to the Lombok mainland and have a very grass roots atmosphere and the feeling of really being part of a local community. Only a kilometer from Gili Trawangan and set in the middle of the three islets lies the real Robinson Crusoe experience of the Gili’s with some of the best beaches to be found. Only two kilometers long and one wide, Gili Meno is the smallest of the three islands and by far the most peaceful and under developed. It’s possible to walk around the island along the beach or paths of Gili Meno in under two hours.

Sembalun Highland

Drive north following the coastal road with plenty of headlands and valleys and with stunning beach views, and head up to Pemenang, Tanjung, Gondang Village, and turn up following a small road to Segenter Traditional Sasak Village. This village has people living from purely agriculture and agro-related work. They have a simple life style, and it’s a lovely experience to be able to share this with them.  
Then head down the stairs to Sendanggila Waterfall. Continue the walk following the trails upstream to Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Take time to bathe under the fall that creates a natural pond. The locals believe that the springs are connected directly to the Crater Lake Segara Anak and hence the waters contain rich of minerals that may be good for our health.  
After lunch, commence the trip to Sembalun Village. Its situated on a highland with an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level, and it’s one of the best vantage point to view the great panorama overlooking the pinnacle of Rinjani Volcano (the third highest peak in Indonesia after the Puncak Jaya of Papua and Mt. Kerinci of Sumatra).  
We then head to Pesugulan Pusuk Pass then drive down road passing through the preserved tropical forest of Rinjani National Parks. Here you can see black-long- tail monkeys, deers, pigs that may cross our way. Stop at Sapit Village for a great panorama of Lombok’s southern hemispheres and across the Alas Strait overlooking Sumbawa Island on the East. And some more interesting places on the way before we head back.

Labuan Bajo

Fly out to Labuan Bajo via Denpasar. Take off in the late afternoonfor a day tour to Cermin Cave and Sunset point. Batu Cermin (Cremin Cave or the Mirror Cave) is a limestone rock formation that has sunlight reflected on the cave’s inside walls, creating a luminous light display.

Rinca Island

Picture this: Green savannah with blue coves and bays.. Dotted with wild horses, deer, monkeys, buffalo and the elusive Komodo Dragons. Does it get better? Well, just head to Rinca Island and let us know!  
Early in the morning, trek on the island of Rinca, the second largest national park, to track the "dragons" in Komodo and some other wildlife in the beautiful setting. After a simple lunch on the boat, head to Pink Beach for swimming and snorkeling.

Time for Good Bye!

It's time to bid adieu to the paradise and head back to real world!

Cost Break up

- Accommodation as per Itinerary (Based on regular / low season)
- Private tour and transfer using Toyota Innova, Commuter or Hyundai H1.
- Qualified English speaking guide.
- Meals as per itinerary
- Entrance Fee as per itinerary.

Price Exclusions:
- Gratuity for driver and guide
- High Season Surcharge
- Airfare Domestic / International flight
- Personal expense
- VIP Airport Handling on Departure at USD 35 / Person
- Service that is not mention on itinerary list

Birds eye view

6 Days
From USD 1375
Day 1 : Lombok
Day 2 : Gili Island
Day 3 : Sembalun Highland
Day 4 : Labuan Bajo
Day 5 : Rinca Island
Day 6 : Time for Good Bye!

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