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The Magic Faraway Land

A land far far away, a land with many a wonder on Ice. A land blessed with best of nature, unsullied by the evils of pollution. For the best of Northern Lights, the casual walk behind epic waterfalls, beautifully golden, pink sand beaches, and a whole slew of wonderful tales about mythical creatures trolls, elves, and fairies, which might as well be true. Such is a Magical Faraway Land that is waiting for you to fly down there to enjoy a few days of pure bliss. It’s time to set off on the Icelandic Adventure!



On arrival at Reykjavik - Keflavik International Airport, get transferred to Hotel.
It's the day to get acclimatized to the place. Enjoy the city at your leisure. Close the day with your first dinner in Reykjavik at one of Iceland´s best restaurants: Dill or Fish Market.
Watch the beautiful midnight sun before settling down for the night.


Today starts with an action packed adventure. Start with the incredible Geothermal helicopter tour.
This chopper ride takes you over one of the most active volcanic areas in Iceland, the Hellisheiði plateau. You can see moss covered lava fields stretched out to the horizon, interspersed with colorful basalt mountains, steaming hot springs and the geothermal power plants that supply Reykjavik its renewable energy. Stop at the Hengill geothermal area and then continue to Nesjavallavirkjun, Bláfjöll mountain range, Reykjavik City and Kristnitökuhraun.


This morning take the 7.10am flight to Akureyri the vibrant "Capital of the North". Stop for breakfast at in the stunning Listagil area that is exclusively dedicated to culture, art and fine food before heading on a tour of the magical and mysterious North.
See the mighty Dettifoss waterfall, about 100 meters wide and drop of 45 meters having an average water flow of 193 m3/s making it the most powerful waterfall in Europe. With such a powerful nature phenomenon you feel how small we are against nature. The surroundings of Lake Mývatn are a breathtaking natural spectacle that consistently inspire awe in scientists, bring wonder to young eyes, and amaze everyone in between. From the air, the unique geology of this region comes to life as you fly over massive lava flows, frozen in time as they leaked from craters now extinct. Witness the forces of Iceland’s creation in action as tectonic plates pull the land apart, scattering the cracked landscape with bubbling mud and steaming vents.
Dark castles, dark forts, dark citadels… however you translate the word Dimmuborgir, it should give you some idea of the mangled forms that lie within. Twisted towers of coagulated rock breach the earth’s surface to form a lava field full of giant pillars, chimneys and tubes to scramble across. These dramatic structures never fail to impress and are one of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations. According to Icelandic folklore, Dimmuborgir is the home of a homicidal troll named Grýla, her third husband Leppalúði and their sons The Yule Lads. Though Grýla has psychopathic tendencies, the children aren´t quite so murderous, and are more mischievious than anything! Námafjall is a geothermal area with a collection of mud pits, steam eruption and an otherworldly landscape. Overnight at Hotel Kea, Akureyri

Meet the Huskies

On your way to Deplar stop for a private scootering tour. This is a fun experience for all. Let these beautiful animals pull you through the lush green nature in the vicinity of Akureyri. One of the huskies is due to have puppies in June and with a bit of luck you can have a cuddle back at the kennels before to heading to Deplar!
On arrival at Deplar Farm you will be welcomed by your hosts with an aperitif and shown to your rooms. Set in a unique location, Deplar Farm is a safe haven from modern life and provides a chosen go-to hideout for guests. Facilities include: Indoor/outdoor salt water pool with bar, sauna and steam room, indoor/outdoor hot tubs, media room for the kids, premium Spa facility featuring 2 floating tanks and 3 treatment rooms. Heli-pads, exclusive bar & lounge, gym and yoga room, outdoor deck and seating area.

Whale Watching in the Midnight Sun

Enjoy a leisure day at Deplar. Indulge yourself at the spa, take a hike around the stunning mountains that surround the lodge, enjoy the games room or just relax and admire the view! In the late afternoon you will go to the picturesque seaside town of Dalvik. Dalvík harbour is a large fishing and commercial port; the ferry Sæfari, which sails from Dalvík, serves the island of Grímsey, Iceland's northernmost community, which lies on the Arctic Circle. Enjoy an exhilarating express private whale watching tour in the midnight sun! This truly is a magnificent experience seeing the whales up close as you can from the boats is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Viking Tour

Today enjoy a Viking horse riding tour from a local horse farm close to Deplar. You will be introduced to the Icelandic old Nordic breed of horses who were imported to Iceland by the Vikings around year 870 and have been isolated here for the last millennium. The Vikings brought the best horses with them to Iceland and these breeds are known for being comfortable mounts to ride on in all sorts of terrain in a country that had no roads.

Blue Lagoon

After breakfast you will drive the stunning coastal road back to Akureyri for the 12.25 flight to Reykjavik. Private transfer to Silica Hotel. Silica Hotel is a just short walk from the Blue Lagoon. The hotel offers its own private bathing lagoon which is available for hotel guests every day from 09:00 to 22:00. Built in harmony with the surrounding landscape, it offers an oasis of calm, relaxation, and healing. Spend your last day relaxing in the private lagoon at Silica Hotel or walk through to the main lagoon. This is an experience not to be missed. The beautiful frosty blue water comes straight from the depths of the earth, it is loaded with minerals, salts, blue-green algae and silica. These elements are believed to possess therapeutic powers. The view of the lagoon is spellbinding and the temperature of the water always fluctuates between 37 degrees and 40 degrees Celsius. Overnight at Silica Hotel.

Goodbye Iceland

Cost Break up

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Birds eye view

8 Days
Day 1 : Reykjavik
Day 2 : Reykjavik
Day 3 : Akureyri
Day 4 : Meet the Huskies
Day 5 : Whale Watching in the Midnight Sun
Day 6 : Viking Tour
Day 7 : Blue Lagoon
Day 8 : Goodbye Iceland

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