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The Harp in the South

Australia, for the most part, is empty. It’s sparsely populated in the inner parts of the country. But the coastline is a different story altogether! The country and its wonderful citizens, comprising of an interesting collection of immigrants have made most of the key cities in the coastal line come alive. Sydney being the glamorous poster child with its Opera House, and Melbourne with its Gold rush fame and the incredible Twelve Apostles and Gold Coast with its entertainment hub. Australian adventure awaits.





Arrive in Sydney - the Queen of Pacific Rim, settle in at your hotel. Sydney is Australia's largest and oldest city. Ever since Captain Cook dropped anchor at Botany Bay, way back in 1778, Sydney's been an important city. It's a city with Aborigine art galleries, golden beaches, and pulsating nightlife; a cosmopolitan city where Asian, Greek, Italian and Oriental cultures fit into one neat package. With places like "Darling Harbour" it's easy to fall in love with this city. As you settle in, take the day to get around and check out the place or sleep away your travel.


It’s time for some fun with the Aussie Duck – the newest and most unique experience in Sydney. For the first time ever, you can enjoy a fully integrated city and harbour tour aboard our custom built amphibious duck! Sydney's landmarks and highlights come alive with 1 and half hours of upbeat fun as you journey not only over but under Sydney's famous bridges! Doing the city street 'quack' and experiencing the harbour entry 'splash' is something both Sydneysiders and visitors will never forget!
At speeds of up to 45 knots (about 80 Km/h) not only will you feel the wind in your hair, but the adrenaline pumping through your body! Experience massive sideways slides (not unlike those of a rally car), unbelievable 270° spins and the infamous "Powerbrake Stop" in which the jet boat comes to a complete stop within two boat lengths!
This is an experience bound to have you in fits of laughter and tons of fun.

Gold Coast

It’s time to leave the bustling Sydney behind and hop on a flight to Brisbane. On arrival in Brisbane get settled into your hotel in Gold Coast.
Australia's Gold Coast is the ideal holiday place for people on the go, or those who want to go slow. In one day you can enjoy surfing on golden beaches, bush walking in subtropical rainforests, cruising down oceanfront boulevards in a fun convertible, or taking a dinner cruise aboard a luxury yacht.
There are thrill-a-minute theme parks, wonderful adventures at wildlife parks, spectacular shopping centres brimming with exquisite resort wear, colourful country markets, tropical fruit plantations, quaint mountain villages and more. How you choose to enjoy Gold Coast is totally upto you!

Movie World

It’s time for some movie magic! Today, visit the Warner Bros. Movie World on Australia’s Gold Coast - where movie magic happens every day! As the only Australian movie related theme park, experience a fun-filled, Gold Coast theme park family adventure with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Meet your favourite stars and enjoy all the behind-the-scenes action, comedy stunts and exhilarating rides, shows and attractions!
From Marilyn Monroe to fantasy figures like Batman and Robin, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Joker, Mr. Freeze and Penguin, you can meet them all! Or you can solve a mystery with Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. Gang’s Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy.

Sea World

Last stop before you bid goodbye to Australia is the Seaworld. Have a splashing time with the dolphins, either as they perform or by swimming with the dolphins. If swimming is not your cup of tea, then take exciting rides and monorails around the Seaworld.
If all this is too tame for you, then get ready to get up close and personal with sharks and marine life at Shark Bay. There are also deep water and shallow water dolphin encounters, a dolphin helmet dive, land and water based interactions with fun loving seals, behind-the-scenes tours at Polar Bear Shores or spending a day learning how the trainers at Sea World look after and train the dolphins.


It's time to head back home from Brisbane.

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6 Days
Day 1 : Sydney
Day 2 : Sydney
Day 3 : Gold Coast
Day 4 : Movie World
Day 5 : Sea World
Day 6 : Brisbane

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