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Russians, with their stoic looks, swigs of vodka and extreme climate endurance, might come off as tough folks to deal with. They are tough, but they are also one of the most hospitable, highly educated, intelligent people on the planet. And this is also historically proven as the cities are littered with incredible architecture and art, exuding unimaginable creativity. They are also the first country to put a man on space successfully. With their ancient glittering palaces, Disney-like swirling domes, charming historical villages, beautiful secluded getaways in picture perfect winter wonderlands, to tales of greatness from Tolstoys and Pushkins, to hikes around Lake Baikal, Russia is a place that you should not miss. Let’s pack up and get going!

Beauty Of Red

12 Days

The Tsar Legacy

At Panache, we make your trips unforgettable by crafting travel experiences that will showcase Russian beauty like never before. Talk to us to get your bespoke travel plan to explore Russia like a true Russian.

When The Tsars Ruled

6 Days
From USD 1617

The February Revolution of Petrograd

4 Days
From USD 992

Land of Pushkin

6 Days
From USD 1557

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