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New Zealand

At New Zealand, it’s all about the unhurried pace, greenery, finding your soul, and many a time, not finding another soul for miles together. This vast green country is beautiful and truly at peace. It’s like Switzerland without the hype. They have rolling hills, forests, volcanoes, snow capped mountains. It’s not a surprise that many creative people tend to take their sabbatical in New Zealand. It clears your head and gives you the inspiration you need. And the magic of Māori folktales only adds to the effect.

It’s also the only country in the world to have appointed a National Wizard and a Minister for Lord of the Rings. If you are looking for the ultimate escape. This is it.

Land of Long White Clouds

15 Days
From NZD 3950

The One With Maui & Hobbits

At Panache, we craft travel experiences that will go beyond the usual itineraries. Enjoy New Zealand in all it's finery, the way it's meant to be! Talk to us to get your bespoke travel plan. Experience New Zealand, your way.

Tolkien's Dreamland

9 Days
From NZD 2360

The Fish of Māui

5 Days
From NZD 975

Shire In Winter Wonderland

7 Days
From NZD 1520

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