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Morocco is many things – beautiful places, wonderful people, delicious food, and simply a great quality of life. The Riads, the Medina (markets) and the souks! If you love shopping, you will feel that the Marrakech souks are your personal treasure hunt trails! 

And then there’s the Marrakech Mint. Having the Mint tea and the local B’stilla is taking your taste buds to a whole new level, especially with the beautiful presentation. You almost feel like a Shehzade sipping on her tea – oh-so-dainty! With the backdrop of iridescent shades of blue, green, ochre, yellow at Moroccan homes, palaces and museums, the scene is beautifully set. Wait, when are you booking your trip? 

A Caravan of Moroccan Dreams

12 Days
From EUR 840

Let the treasure hunt begin!

At Panache, we go above and beyond itineraries. We craft travel experiences that define Morocco and its zest for life. Go beyond the guided tours and fixed departures, talk to us to get your bespoke travel plan. Experience the country that travels within you your way.

Moroccan White Gold

8 Days
From EUR 530

Conquest of Southern Morocco

7 Days
From EUR 400

Lords Of The Atlas

8 Days
From EUR 600

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