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Being the World’s largest archipelago with 13466 islands, Indonesia has something for everyone. Bali, with its happy laidback people and cultural festivities at it’s very best all year around, Sumatra, with its raw, untouched rainforests, the active volcanoes in Java, the incredible Komodo Dragons in Komodo island, and some of the world’s best surf spots for active surfers. The cultural attractions dotted around Indonesia are a testament to the rich history of the island nation.

Visit Indonesia to simply have a smile on your face. Om swastiastu!

Soul Stirring Java

9 Days
From USD 1870

Happy You and a Happy Me!

At Panache, we go above and beyond itineraries. We craft travel experiences that define Indonesia and its rich heritage and beauty, going beyond the guided tours and fixed departures. Talk to us to get your bespoke travel plan. Experience the Wonderful Indonesia your way.

Javanese Islands & Beaches

6 Days
From USD 1375

Blissfully Yours, Bali

5 Days
From USD 1870

Sekala and Niskala

7 Days

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