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Splashes of color, Salsa music beats, a tap of heels, and a whiff of Cuban Cigars. All this greets you to this wonderful country that defined the word cool even before the word itself. The pastel colored houses and the vintage cars stuck in 1950s, the colonial style everything transports you back to a classier time, it’s effortless, charming, and perfect. It’s still off the radar from the typical tourists as there are a lot of travel restrictions, this also means fewer crowds everywhere. The people are warm, friendly and have this Joie De Vivre that’s infectious.

¡Vamos! ¿Que estas esperando?

A Splash Of Red

13 Days
From USD 6510

Good Old Days Are Here Again!

At Panache, we go above and beyond itineraries. We craft travel experiences that define Cuba and its lifestyle, going beyond the guided tours and fixed departures. Talk to us to get your bespoke travel plan. Experience the authentica Cuba your way.

Walk Down The Cuban Lane

8 Days
From USD 3265

Cuban Culture Fix

7 Days
From USD 2660

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