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By the serene riverside city of Siem Reap, a spellbinding temple awaits you. As you walk into the threshold of the largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat, you are transported to a glorious era. An era filled with rich heritage and archeological brilliance. And then as you step out, there is something about the people of Cambodia. They are a beautiful and curious lot! Cambodia is a country of contradictions. Where there are beautiful, serene temples, there is also a history of unimaginable bloodshed. Sit down for a meal with Khmer Scholars to get detailed accounts of the history of this fascinating country.

Best journeys into ancient civilizations start with its history.

Khmers & Vietnamese

12 Days
From USD 1680

Serene. Beautiful Cultural Experience.

At Panache, we go above and beyond itineraries. We craft travel experiences that define Cambodia and its rich heritage, going beyond the guided tours and fixed departures. Talk to us to get your bespoke travel plan. Experience the Kingdom of Wonder your way.

Shenanigans At Sihanoukville

4 Days
From USD 380

Angkor Of Your Dreams

4 Days
From USD 455

Heritage Trials at Cambodia

5 Days
From USD 828

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