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Once upon a time, about 20 years ago, two people decided to indulge their wanderlust by traveling endlessly. Between them they traveled to over 70 countries and through their travels, they accumulated an immense amount of information perfecting the local-like experience no matter where they were. After all, the locals are the one’s who know the best-kept secrets about any place.

And so they decided to share their hard-earned knowledge with the world so that more people can have incredible travel experiences. While the market was (and still is) flooded with travel agencies simply giving clients cookie cutter trip plans, they wanted to make a difference. Make every trip unique and memorable.

They embodied the term Bespoke Travel and gave it an official name – Panache. And started working with like-minded travel obsessed team members.

Panache is about curating exclusive priceless moments for those unforgettable trips. Every trip planned by Panache comes with a touch of elegance, a bespoke finish that adds to the “Dash of Panache”.

They sent families on great adventures, couples on stunningly romantic sojourns, corporates on fabulous team outings or business trips, solo travelers on trips of their lifetime. They discovered hidden gems everywhere!

Their clients had such stories to tell! Stories that were never heard of before! Of every place beyond the “touristy” locations alone. Some even called them Wizards of Bespoke Travel Experiences.

Most thought it was a crazy idea to set up a travel company soon after 9/11. They thought otherwise.
They conceived and created ‘Panache’ soon after 9/11 and haven’t stopped thinking ‘otherwise’ for the past 16 years. Its been an amazing journey of experiences and learnings and they have evolved with time. Somewhere during the journey they stopped thinking of themselves as Travel ‘Agents’ but more as Travel ‘Advisors’. That confidence came from their own travel pursuits with the intent of discovering the world and building relationships with the locals. Not only do we stand testimony to the fact that ‘travelling and discovering the many places and people in the world is the best education one can get’ but we also feel ourselves to be a part of a large global family.
One of the most amazing facts about our clientele is that we today have clients in USA wanting to travel to South America (or for that matter in Singapore wanting to travel to Iceland) and yet they book with us in India. Yet another amazement is that we ourselves maybe in another country on a trip at that time but be working out a trip for them! All in all its truly made the world flat for us and has given us a global perspective on how we understand and deliver travel experiences.
Talking of which, we believe travel today is more about ‘experiences’ one has in a foreign destination. Experiences that transform you within, make you richer in essence and become memories and stories that you cherish sharing with your family and friends. We embed these experiences in the trips we design for our clients. Of course, it is equally important to pair the right accommodation to your personality, to pace the trip to your liking and to take care of all travel logistics so that you don’t have to strive and stress over it and we do all this with utmost thought and care.

Ready to meet the Travel Wizards?

We started small. We are still small. Our clients, who we owe much gratitude to, have not only become our repeat customers but they have also been generous and gracious in recommending us to their friends. We have thus grown by word of mouth. What we do for our clients is seemingly simple: we listen, we learn, we understand and we custom build a trip for them using our acquired travel intelligence such that its a perfect fit to their interests and budget. What is not as simple is having to invest, learn, establish and build relationships with like-minded ground partners and hotels in various parts of the world. Nonetheless its an endeavour we enjoy.


This website has its limitations on how many destinations we can feature but the fact is that our clients have travelled through us to 73 countries and we pretty much cover the world. So all one has to do is wish a destination and we deliver … with a distinct panache.

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.
Meet the Story Tellers!

Loveleen Multani Arun & Sanjar Imam. The Orginal Travel Wizards.

Loveleen Multani Arun
Director - Travel Perfectionist and Sushi Lover

Sanjar Imam

Director - Travel Perfectionist and Photography Enthusiast
Wizardry Runs In The Team

Panache sends each and every team member on trips so that they understand and experience themselves what it is that they are recommending to their clients. Every Panache trip comes with some unique featured experiences that are recommended based on your preferences and tastes. From a home cooked Khmer Meal in a Cambodian Scholar’s home to an authentic Italian cooking class with a local Italian in their Villa in Tuscany, it depends on your preference to make your trip all the more memorable.

And our teams are well versed in the art of identifying just the right elements to make your trip extra special. Or as what we call, a Dash of Panache.

Meet the team behind the countless incredible memories.

20 Years and Counting

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2016 - TravellerMade Member Agency

Luxury is a given for our clients!

The beautiful blue and gold cover of the limited edition magazine specially made for travellermade network clients.

2015 - Mandarin Oriental Fan Club Member Agency

When you can guarantee the creme de la creme of luxury!

2016 - Belmond Bellini Club Member Agency

Panache is now a Belmond Bellini Club Member Agency!

The Belmond Group has iconic hotels, trains and river cruisers which are part of a diverse portfolio that embraces some of the globe’s most thrilling destinations. Just some of the remarkable locations include the entrance to Machu Picchu (imagine staying 100 metres away from the big MP), the national park surrounding Brazil’s Iguassu Falls and beside Rio’s Copacabana beach!

Great journeys are at the heart of all of Belmond experiences, whether travelling by train from Singapore to Bangkok or around the amazing collection of Italian hotels. Belmond escorts its guests on exciting excursions through Peru and between the magical temples of Cambodia and Laos.

Panache now partners closely with the Belmond Group and therefore, our clients get special VIP treatments & perks!

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